organic and local food


This (new) philosophy is born because of the  awareness of chefs and restaurants, as well as part of the population. People who seeks to impact in a positive way  to the environment.  It try to combine ENVIRONMENTAL RESPECT, ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS AND FOOD.

When the restaurant offers gastronomy of KM.0 it means that it’s products are organics and locals (they must be bought directly from the producers and in a maximum radius of 100 Km).


1) We reduce our footprint
As the product does not need to travel long distances to reach the final costuner, we produce considerable energy savings and our ecological footprint is much lower (no freezer trucks, ships, planes or trains are used).

2) We create less waste.
As the chain of intermediaries is considerably reduced, losses due to deficiencies in transport and storage are also reduced. In fact, the amount of products discarded only for esthetic is huge. In this way acquiring it directly with the producers we minimize the waste of food.

3) By not requiring a long conservation the local product is not treated.- There is no use of chemicals.

4) The food variety will change noticeably according to the season. 
Everyone likes to have all kind of food  every month, but It’s mportant to appreciate what each station offers us and explore all the possibilities.

5) We know a place also through food.
This is a very important point for travelers like you.

If you want to know the reality of a place, gastronomy is a very important factor. It does not make sense that your diets and your gastronomic outings are only of imported products. Even within the same country, each region has it’s own resources and it is very nice to know the different areas that you are visiting also through your palate.

If you found yourself interested and want to get to know Barcelona through the KM.O Catalan gastronomy, join this experience.