About Us

Advantoures's founders


We are Andrea and Gustavo, two passionate entrepreneurs, founders and creators of Advantoures – the tour operator that wants you to live this unique experience of discovering Barcelona and Its surroundings accompanied by locals.

After finishing our studies we were traveling and living in different parts of the world. These experiences made us appreciate even the smallest details and taught to recognize the essences of the different places.

We know that travellers like you appreciate the different and UNIQUE experiences. That’s why, now back home, we want to give YOU the opportunity to know the best of Catalonia by experiencing it with your 5 SENSES. We have created ADVANTOURES with a lot of love, so that you can live this adventure with us.

Avoid the crowd with our personalized tour. We want to give you the time, space and freedom so that you live it in an exciting way, at your own pace.

We have all the licenses and insurance required by the Spanish legislation, you will be covered at all times.

Our purpose? That you enjoy, experience, learn and live. Your ride will be in a comfortable, exclusive and original vehicle to allow you feel immersed into this adventure since the beginning!

In advantoures we also bet on responsible tourism avoiding the typical mass tourism, but above all, by being aware of the important of nature, as it offers the most extraordinary and surreal landscapes and give us life itself.