Frequently Asked Questions

In which languages ​​is the tour available?

It is available in English and Spanish.


Where do we meet with the guide?

Depending on the tour, it will be in a central area. You will receive an email with all the details after you make the booking.


How many people can join my group?

We want you to feel comfortable. A maximum of eight people (excluding the guides) seems to be the best option for us.


How do I pay for the tour?

We belive in flexibility. That said , you can pay a percentage for the reservation through the website and pay the rest in cash or credit card to the guides. Otherwise, you can pay the total amount on the website.


Can I give a tour as a gift?

Ofcourse, when you make the reservation, choose the gift option and surprise the lucky person with an advantour.


What do we do if it rains?

The weather is great most of the time in Barcelona. However, in case of rainfall, we can reschedule the tour.


Is it necessary to print the reservation?

It is not necessary. You can take a screenshot, a photo or simply show us the reservation in your email and that will do.


Are there infant car seats?

Yes we have. When making the reservation do not forget to indicate the age of the children in the comments.


Can I book for someone else?

Sure! You just have to type the data of the person who will do the activity instead of you.

keep in mind that for the payment information, you must indicate your information so that the transaction is completed correctly.


Is the payment safe?

Our online payment system is 100% secure and encrypted against fraud or unauthorized transactions. In fact, we do not have access to your bank details or credit card information.


I think I made the payment but I have not received confirmation.

Most likely the payment did not reach completion and therefore the service is not confirmed, you should re-book and finish the process.

If you verify that you have loaded the amount in your bank / paypal, you may have misplaced the email. In this case, leave us a message in the “contact Us” section and we will help you solve it.


Can I take a trip on a day or time that is not on the calendar?

We could arrenge your guided tour on another date as long as you notify us 2 weeks in advance. You should indicate the desired destination and date, we will respond in less than 12 hours, just contact us.


Do I need to carry my passport?
It is not necessary to carry the passport, as we know that many travelers do not like to carry it along. In that case you can take a copy or any other document to validate your identity.


Do we have free time to eat or to go shopping?
Remember that our tours are entirely personalized adventures. All the tours include brakes, but there may always adapted to your needs.


If you have another question, contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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